820/1 Sponge Trowel 215 x 135 mm - 8.5x5.3 in.

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1808603 215 x 135 mm
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820/1 Sponge Trowel

Orange rubber trowel. For standard plaster work. large texture. Rubber thickness: 19 mm. Wooden handle

Sponge trowel is a great tool for all of your decorative needs. From Colorwashing a thick texture such as Intonachino or Marmofloat to simply using it to create a beautiful lime wash finish over a smooth surface, Sponge trowel is a overall a one stop colorwashing tool. Wood handle with deep texture sponge..


  • Size: 215x135 mm - 8.5x5.3 in.
  • Large Texture - 19 mm - rubber thicknes - medium grained
  • Streight edges
  • Sponge trowel for decorative finishes
  • wood handle
  • Hand made tools in Italy

Welded or riveted special steel finishing trowels. In the Sintesi model the coating of the handles is of soft and vibration resistant material. Thanks to its ergonomic shape a highly comfortable grip is possible. To reset the grip we recommend to clean the handle, after removing the exceeding material, with a standard solvent. Special steel blade. Flexibility and toughness guaranteed under all working condition. Assembly by welding is rigorously tested for load bearing and x-rayed to check correct joining. The quality of our riveted trowels is ensured by the assembly with ten rivets and the perfect finishing of the blade.