825/I Frattone inox trowel. Manico in legno. Special for marmorino finish.

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825/I Frattone inox trowel. Manico in legno. Special for marmorino and venetian plaster finish.

PAVAN produces the wides range of spatulas in the market today. The variety of its range can satisfy all professional uses. Handle made with selected types of wood (beech, acacia), to obtain better resistance. Tempered steel blade of viariable thicknesses. Flexibility and toughness are guaranteed in each job for best results.

Available Sizes: Size of the blades:

Size: 200mmX80mmX0.5mm - 7.9X3.2X0.019 in
Size: 200mmX100mmX0.5mm - 7.9X3.9X0.019 in
Size: 240mmX100mmX0.5mm - 9.4X3.9X0.019 in
Size: 200mmX80mmX0.6mm - 7.9X3.2X0.024 in
Size: 240mmX100mmX0.6mm - 9.4X3.9X0.024 in
Size: 280mmX120mmX0.6mm - 11.0X4.7X0.024 in

Radius blade - Round edges
Wooden handle
Hand made tools in Italy

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High quality tools for Decorative Plasters Finishes Pavan finishing trowels for the polishing of marmorino and Venetian Plaster, Stucco have a special INOX stainless steel blade.


  • Blade thicknes 0.6 mm - flexible
  • Trapezoid Shape - Rounded edges
  • Flexible Inox Stainless Steel - Softer Touch
  • Wood handle
  • Hand made tool si n Italy


Superb Inox Blade
Special steel welded trowels. Top ergonomics for the widest variety of jobs. Flexibility and toughness guaranteed under all working conditions. Assembly by welding is tested rigorously for load bearing and x-rayed for perfect joining. An exclusive lip process ensure the perfect apllication and the quality of the final polishing operation..