Anima Pavan Inox Trowel Finishing Burnishing

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Anima Pavan Inox Trowel For Finishing Burnishing Venetian Plaster


Size: 200x80x0.5mm       

Size: 240x100x0.6mm       9.4"X3.9"


The ANIMA trowel not only comes in a sleek, luxurious box, enhancing the overall look and experience, but is also also a blend of traditional technology and modern design to provide you with a blade that will stay sharper for longer than other, ordinary plastering trowels.
We are proud to offer you the newest in high end Venetian plastering trowels on the market; the blade is made of a two-component material with high resistance, the patented Eccelsa handle allows you to maintain a secure grip reducing the risk of strain on your hand and wrist.


Additionally, the ANIMA blade is ready to be used as is, without any need to be sanded before use. The ANIMA trowel is a great compliment to any tool set whether you are a professional applicator and with its luxurious look and feel will allow you to present the right image to colleagues and clients alike.


For a more cost-effective, but still hand made, high-end tool see the Gold of Venice polished plaster trowel!





This trowel is made the same way as Katana swords are traditionally made, it is a blend of metals with slightly different physical properties to combine their inherent strength and flexibility.



The Pavan brand, ever ready to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, now presents the trowel art. 800 - “Anima” range – the only tool specifically designed for the application of Venetian stucco and of lime putty in the finishing stages.

Extreme lightness and the traditional strength merge in a single and innovative utensil which thanks to the treatment of the profile of the blade makes it possible to achieve a perfect polish and excellent quality in the finished work.

The exclusive and innovative ergonomic grip patented ECCELSA PLUS, by increasing the grip section for the fingers prevents the hand from turning round the grip, thus enabling greater force to be applied to the utensil during use.

In addition the extension of the rubber coating ensures greater comfort throughout the various phases of use.

The joining of the blade to the support is checked at each processing phase. Severe tests of resistance to bending ensure the sturdiness and long duration of the tool.

Once again the “Ancòra” brand by Pavan offers a specially designed tool to specifically meet the requirements of the professional and help you get the best results in your work.




  • Blade thickness 0.6 mm - Standard flexible
  • Trapezoid Shape - Rounded edges
  • Flexible Inox Stainless Steel - Softer Touch
  • Sinthesi - Robber handle
  • Hand made tools in Italy







Stainless steel trowel. Special for marble like finishing. 

-rounded corners
-tapered edges
-highly flexible sheet
-hand-friendly synthetic grip
-for applying and compacting Marmorino, Stucco Veneziano, Grassello, tadelakt.
-Through a special stainless alloy metal abrasion minimized

This trapezoid stainless steel trowel is perfect for application of Venetian Plasters, Grassello, Marmorino, Stucco Veneziano, Lime Plasters ,marble plaster,and other Decorative Plasters.

Superb Inox Blade
Special steel welded trowels. Top ergonomics for the widest variety of jobs. Flexibility and toughness guaranteed under all working conditions. Assembly by welding is tested rigorously for load bearing and x-rayed for perfect joining. An exclusive lip process ensure the perfect application and the quality of the final polishing operation.





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